Monthly Checklist Tips

We’ve put together a Monthly Checklist to do your own quick visual car inspection and fluid level check, which takes about 10 minutes. A few minutes each month could save you a lot of money on repairs down the road. Following a basic car maintenance checklist can help keep you on the road and out of the repair shop. A little vehicular pampering can also help extend your fuel economy and put less of a burden on the environment. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you.

Monthly Checklist

  green check mark Check battery cables, clamps, and terminals

   Check the following levels and add the recommended fluids as necessary:green check mark

  • Check battery cables, clamps, and terminals
  • Check the following levels and add the recommended fluids as necessary:
  • Oil level
  • Engine coolant level
  • Brake fluid level
  • Power steering fluid level (if applicable)
  • Transmission fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid reservoir level
  • Check belts for tension, cracks, or wear
  • Check hoses for leaks, cracks, or wear
  • Inspect the engine and underside of the car for any leaks
  • Check tire pressure on all tires, including the spare tire, and inflate to the manufacturer’s recommendations while cold
  • Inspect the tread depth. The tread should be at least as deep as the head of a penny. (At least 2/32″ remaining tread.)
  • Inspect tires for uneven wear or any object that could cause a puncture

Basic automobile maintenance and upkeep describe the action of examining and testing the state of your car’s engine and servicing or replacing parts and fluids. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort, and longevity of your car. Completing a monthly preventive maintenance checklist will alert you to fixable problems before it’s too late.

The actual schedule for a monthly preventive maintenance checklist varies depending on the year, make, and model of your car, its driving conditions, and driver behavior. Automakers create their recommended service schedules based on boundary factors such as:

  • number of trips and distance traveled per trip per day
  • extremely hot or cold climate conditions
  • mountainous, dusty, or de-iced roads
  • heavy stop-and-go vs. long-distance cruising
  • towing a trailer or other heavy load
monthly car maintenance

Our monthly preventive maintenance checklist (created by experienced service technicians) recommends a maintenance schedule based on the driving conditions and behavior of the car owner or driver.

Common Car Maintenance Tasks

  • Car wash
  • Check/replace the engine oil and replace the oil filters
  • Check/replace fuel filters
  • Inspect or replace windshield wipers
  • Check or refill windshield washer fluid
  • Inspect tires for pressure and wear
  • Tire balancing
  • Tire rotation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Check, clean or replace battery terminals and top up battery fluid
  • Inspect or replace brake pads
  • Check or flush brake fluid
  • Check or flush transmission fluid
  • Check or flush the power steering fluid
  • Check and flush engine coolant
  • Inspect or replace spark plugs
  • Inspect or replace the air filter
  • Inspect or replace timing belt and other belts
  • Lubricate locks, latches, hinges
  • Check all lights
  • Tighten chassis nuts and bolts
  • Check if rubber boots are cracked and need replacement
  • Test electronics, e.g., Anti-lock braking system or ABS
  • Read fault codes from the Engine control unit